Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring is HERE!

We are quiet busy here at home. We made a flower bed and I planned of putting flower beds in my front yard. I am thinking just to leave a path way. So excited the outcome!

The kids were busy as well, Ben is preparing for his MSP test while Mary is relaxing. The kids are ready to play in the backyard- so much for that! Their dad did not mow the lawn LOL.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Turning my Family Active

I think I just have too much excitement that Brian and I ran together. I was inviting him 6 years ago. I was running on and off- there is no proper motivation. I was a mountain climber before I got married. I maintain my weight. When I see myself that I am gaining weight and I know I will end up of having diabetes. It runs in my family and if I am not careful then I can't escape with it. Today, I bought pairs of running shoes for Ben and Mary and also a wicking outfit. The kids were excited with their new outfit. I even bought Ben's outfit with a green hint cause he likes green. Mary always likes pink. On Sunday, we will do our long run. We will run as long as we want. It was really great that we joined the the 4 mi for the 4th Fun Run. Brian finished around 36 minutes and I did finished about 48 minutes. This month, there is 5k run and we will run again. That is after we climb Mt Fuji. So happy... I am an outgoing person and love nature. This is it. This is what I want to my family getting involve with an outdoor activities. I am so thankful for that.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Joining the 4 of the 4th Yokosuka Base Japan

Brian and I started to train for marathon, there is no specific when we gonna join the marathon but we are determine to join as soon as there is one. I was looking for runners group and found one in Gig Harbor, not too far to drive from Belfair. I am so excited to come home in the states. Brian is being motivated during the event here in the base- "The wounded warrior". He thought that he does not want to leave his family early. He has high cholesterol and even taking a blood pressure medicine. I invited him before, that was six years ago. Myself, I have no interest of running in a fun run or a marathon but I just wanna run just to keep myself healthy. Honestly, I ran on and off. It is not continued, I just don't have any motivation. I saw a few of my friends running 5k or even 10k and saw their bib number hanging on their shirt. I always have a thought "It should be I have that kind of number too". When this thing gonna be happening. My first try is to join the 4-4th Fun Run, it is 4 miles running here inside the base which is sponsored by the Navy Fitness. When I was running with Brian during my training. I run 1.5 miles without walking, that impressed me. I finished line with 47 minutes and 48 seconds. Believed me! I am so proud with it. I was so happy that I made a little accomplishment.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Western States Endurance Run 100 miles

David Riddle is one of the entrants in WS100- western States 100 miles Endurance Run. A very inspring post for a Vegan marathoner

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Habit of waking UP

My eyes are getting used to wake up with my husband at 430. He run at 500 but I run before him though. Target weight 105 lbs and am 119 lbs right now. I need 6200 calories per week to burn and eat 1200 calories per day. I just use webMD to calculate everything and no more sweets and extra snacks in the next 7 weeks. Liquid to drink; only water and of course my soy milk in every morning and evening.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kids swim lessons

Ben and Mary wanted to have swim lessons. This is the down part of my attitude. I really need to be serious with my kids sports. I am looking in the future that they will be joining in any sports events.

Ben as always loves water

Thursday, June 14, 2012

3rd day on Running training

Distance: 1.26 mi Duration: 00:17 Pace: 13:23 :( it says I burned 139 calories 3rd day says: run/walk but it does not says how far and how long. So I came up my own distance. I run/walk with Kai today. Of course there is couple stops for him to mark our route. Kai was a runner, he run as fast as he could (if I let him to). The breeze of the air feels so good while the sun hitting my face. I love to see the sun first thing in the morning. I actually recorded two rounds in my maptracks, i forgot to press the start button, Kai was just so excited to run. I did not feel tired after all. But my legs are sore and I am determine to continue running. I kept asking my husband before to run with me and I have no motivation after all. I should of do it. :( Oh well, here I am again and am looking forward to climb Mt Fuji this summer for the second time, I gotta plan this. Well, I gotta get off in my computer and do errands at home- class as well..