Friday, June 26, 2015

Rosie at 20 weeks

It is really amazing how this puppy grows. She is 40 lbs at 20 weeks old. She is so cutie

Monday, March 23, 2015

Choosing a family pet

Our family never have a family dog. We had previous pets like fish and parakeet. We attempted before to get a dog when the mother just had the baby on their first born,Benjamin. We were sitting a pomeranian dog before for more than a year. He never be our dog. 
My daughter, Mary really wanted to get a cat. She is a cat person but then I was allergic and could not bear the itch for so long. We find a good home for her.
So we were talking of getting a puppy. First we are considering of getting a German Shepherd Dog. Mary and I are excited and we like it cause of the wolf looks and train it as a protector. Who likes to be beaten by a 75 to 80 lb dog! 
Last November, I was looking for a puppy and find out the cost. It was not cheaper though but we wanted to get the puppy around spring.  Brian and I talk more about the breed. Ben does not care of what we gonna get. We were spending time reading reviews and who likes the breeds to be top 1 family dog. So, we decided to get a golden retriever. 
So, another puppy shopping. Sending messages to breeder and plus saving money cause the cost it is not gonna be cheap. I found a breeder in Oregon and she seemed not so nice person. She only replied my message. "Thank you my puppy is being adopted". I even asked her if when she gonna another litter from her other dog. She replied "Thank you my puppies are being adopted". I really hate that answer.
Next, we look the very farthest one which is living in Crescent City CA. I sent message and the guy replied my message and even taking my call when I was asking him that we are interested his pupps. 
Our journey begins when we choose the puppy
We visited Rosie March 1 and so excited to bring her home.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Transfer DVC points to other member

I started to rent my points and one of the member asked from for transfer. Her home resort is Animal Kingdom and I made a transfer by calling member services. She and I had a wonderful conversation. Quick response to my message and the transaction ended up of at least 20 min

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Got bug sticking around the vicinity

Mary came home yesterday from school fine. At around 8pm she complain that she had a tummy ache and ended up that she thrown up. We were thinking of giving her an oral suspension and so to settle down her stomach. We got this when she has stomach problem last few months. I was relieve after she took the medicine, she went to sleep but then she keep us waking us up. :( I had a rough time last night :(

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring is HERE!

We are quiet busy here at home. We made a flower bed and I planned of putting flower beds in my front yard. I am thinking just to leave a path way. So excited the outcome!

The kids were busy as well, Ben is preparing for his MSP test while Mary is relaxing. The kids are ready to play in the backyard- so much for that! Their dad did not mow the lawn LOL.